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[ KAIST ] Emerging Materials e-Symposium (KAIST, 그래핀 노벨상 수상자, 저널 에디터 12분 포함) 초청 안내 - 무료 등록, 유트브 실시간 중계 (9월 21-25일)




It is a great pleasure to welcome you at the 1st KAIST Emerging Materials Symposium, held on September 21-25, 2020 via Online Zoom presentation

The 1st KAIST Emerging Materials Symposium is intended to provide an interesting forum for students, scientists, and engineers to share latest breakthroughs 

and big achievements in materials development, physical/chemical characterization with unique properties and functionality.

Very interesting presentations will be given by 21 distinguished keynote speakers.


The goal of 1st KAIST Emerging Materials Symposium is to identify the key issues related to big ideas in materials science, applied physics, and 

chemistry including following topics: 1) Nanostructures for Next-Generation Emerging Applications, 

2) Chemical and Bio-Engineering for Environmental & Industrial Applications, and 3) Materials Innovation for Functional Applications.


We invite you to join us at the 1st KAIST Emerging Materials Symposium, where you will be sure to have a meaningful experience.

KAIST welcomes all the participants for a memorable experience. Thank you for participating!


Up to one thousand people can simultaneously access through the Zoom Webinar (when exceeded, through Youtube), and 

Q&A will be conducted on the chat window. All participants will be muted during the lectures.


Invitation: KAIST Emerging Materials e-Symposium (Sept.21 - Sept.25) (Please visit KAIST Emering Materials e-Symposium Homepage)

Youtube Link: Please refer below K-Materials youtube link. (Sep. 21-Sep.25). First talk starts at 9:30 AM (Korea Time)


Direct-link to lectures:

Direct-link to lectures: 



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